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The Official 2013 World Series Film (Lionsgate and A&E Entertainment) is now out on DVD. FenwayNation was fortunate enough to get an early copy of the DVD and—trust us—this is one you are going to want to get. Somehow, the 2013 World Series Championship had an extra 令人信服的方面—仅仅是因为那是完全出乎意料的。这个元素在季后的转折点中就跳出了这部电影—like Mike Napoli (以前是0-6,ALCS中为6 Ks) Justin Verlander 在一场无计分的比赛3中。 John Lackey's head-to-head battle with Verlander in the same game? Or, Shane Victorino's 0-2 salami in ALCS clinching Game 6? In World Series Game One, Jon Lester had a bases-loaded one out jam and gets a come-backer to start a 1-2-3 double play. A 21-year old Xander Bogaerts getting two huge hits in "ObstructionGate" Game Three of the World Series. Jonny Gomes' three-run jack (subbing for Victorino) in World Series Game Four. Felix Doubront and Lackey tossing zeroes in relief —also in Game Four. Unexpected—but they all happened. Just 喜欢 the championship itself. About the only unexpected aspect of the post-season was the performance of David Ortiz. Most importantly, this film is brimming with the emotional commitment of each and every team member to a city that was scarred so badly on Marathon Monday. Looking back, it couldn't have turned out any other way. Boston—and Red Sox—强大。您必须获得此DVD。得到它 HERE.

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迈克尔·杨(Michael Young)涉足红袜

Coming To Fenway?
Hall Of Fame baseball writer Peter Gammons has Tweeted that Michael Young has reached out to the Red Sox this off season. According to Gammons, the 37-year old free agent has also put out feelers to the Baltimore Orioles. Young would actually be an interesting fit for both teams in 2014. He could serve as a back-up third baseman to Will Middlebrooks and also fill-in at first and DH from time to time. Last year, Young hit a combined .279 between Philadelphia and the Dodgers—with a .335 OBP. The seven-time All-Star would also fit the "character" brand the Red Sox are trying to maintain.


The announcement of the 2014 Hall of Fame ballot revealed a bevy of worthy candidates. The great Braves tandem of Maddux and Glavine are clearly going to sail in, but many others—in our view—also 应归纳。在不涉及赞成和反对的繁琐争论的情况下,以下是我们对大会堂的选择(如果我们实际上有投票的话):1.) Greg Maddux, 2.) (Billerica's) Tom Glavine, 3.) Frank Thomas, 4.) Curt Schilling, 5.) Lee Smith, 6.) Edgar Martinez, 7.) Tim Raines, 8.) Alan Trammel。虽然我们也可以看到 Mike Piazza and Jack Morris, we're keeping our choices down to these elite eight.


Way To Go, Bud!
The Fraudulent One has hit a new low. Alex Rodriguez and his legal team have "amended" their lawsuit against Major League Baseball—now claiming that Commissioner Bud Selig decided to "hide" in Milwaukee (not hard to do, by the way) to avoid testifying at The Centaur's doping hearings. Team A-Fraud claims in the new documents that Selig "lacked the courage" to come to New York for the proceedings and was taking a "cowardly stance" toward the matter. And then, they dragged out the most ridiculous claim of all—that Selig deliberately posed with a fan wearing an "A-Roid" t-shirt. Have they no shame?

多维数据集Rip-Off Yawkey方式'球迷商城'概念

Apparently, Theo Epstein is suffering from Pedestrian Mall Envy. The City of Chicago—in an apparent effort to increase 暴力已经很严重—is allowing the Cubs to sell beer and wine in 'kiosks' outside 99-year old Wrigley Field. Fans would be allowed to “将塑料杯中的饮料带到广场” on Clark Street outside the stadium. But the Cubbies got a deal even sweeter than the Red Sox could extract from their good buddy Mumbles. Mayor Rahm Emanuel (formerly of the Obama 'brain trust') is also allowing the plaza to operate year-round, even when the Cubs are on the road. No wonder the residents of Wrigleyville have cynically named the mayor Cubs 2013 MVP。而且你认为政治在 Boston!


Previously, we reported on Minnesota's interest in free-agent Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Prior to the signing of Brian McCann,也有传言说 The Evil Ones 热衷于咸味。现在—according to's Jon Heyman—科罗拉多州和多伦多也在混合. With the pool of available backstops dwindling (Boston had designs on both McCann and Carlos Ruiz) the Red Sox might have to revisit a deal with Salty. The problem is he's looking for a three-year pact, and Boston is still risk-aversive enough to shy away from anything beyond two years. If that's the case, there may be a Dioner Navarro or an A.J. Pierzynski 在今年的圣诞袜中。


西雅图水手队很拼命。他们需要建立一种成功的氛围,以吸引西北太平洋地区的注意力和人才。通用汽车 Jack Zduriencik 在薄冰上—并不是说在普吉特海湾中实际上还没有结冰。尽管如此,他仍需引起轰动,—according to FOXSports.com的肯·罗森塔尔(Ken Rosenthal)—he's doing that by going after (among others) Mike Napoli and Jacoby Ellsbury. There is cash to spare in StarbucksLand,杰克准备好花光了。如果他 did land Boston's two top free-agents, it would significantly bolster an offense that has about as much sock as a sock-eyed salmon. Ellsbury might just take the 'bait'—being from neighboring Oregon. But 'hooking' Napoli would be a little more difficult. Maybe they can recruit him with a band of bearded lumberjacks. Sorry for all the lame Seattle references, but it's raining 喜欢 heck here in Boston today.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A total of nine players who played for the Boston Red Sox appear on the 2014 Hall of Fame ballot. The nine are: Hideo Nomo, Mike Timlin, Todd Jones, Eric Gagne, Sean Casey, J.T. Snow, Lee Smith, Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling. Former Sox top prospect Jeff Bagwell—who was traded for Larry Andersen before he ever played a game for Boston—also appears on the ballot. In our view, the only Red Sox players on this list that deserve enshrinement are Schilling and Smith.


Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino—出现在世界大赛电影的首映式上—明确表示球队不会与名单上的退伍军人“坠入爱河”. Clearly, this is a signal to The Nation that there will be significant roster changes from the team that won the 2013 World Championship. Using his ever colorful prose, Lucchino made a curious transportation reference, "I learned a long time ago you can’t fall in love with your veterans. That’s not the way to run a railroad. We’re not going to be a stand-pat team. That’s not the way we’re going to run the railroad here. I think that’s a losing proposition. Every year [a team] has got to have its own personality. Every year will have a different personality, and by personality, I mean composition, not just personality." 如果您认为波士顿会在大型自由球员签约中牺牲一些未来的前景,那就把它拿到银行, “我们仍然非常看重选秀权。”

A Look Back At Top Catchers In Red Sox History

FN董事会成员Larry Shiman

With the hot stove league yet to get warm, and no games to agonize over, it’s a good time to look back. Bob Ryan wrote a column a few days ago listing his top 25 Red Sox of all time. It’s a fun list, although I’ll certainly take issue with a few selections.


作者:《编辑部下的马克·劳伦斯》(Mark Lawrence)

Sydney, Australia. Recently, I and other members of the Internet Baseball Writers’Association of America were asked to nominate candidates for Hall of Fame consideration under a Veterans-style system–acknowledging those players whose stats might not have propelled them to the forefront of baseball history, but whose actions have had some significant impact on the game’s history itself.

感谢'13 Sox的十大理由

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, it's only fitting that we pause and revel in our good fortune as Red Sox fans. The 2013 World Series Championship was the very definition of the "pleasant surprise" in sports. Herewith, the Top 10 Reasons To Be Thankful For The 2013 Red Sox:

10. The opportunity to mock wise-guy bloggers 喜欢 the editors of FenwayNation for picking Boston to finish fourth in the AL East.

9. 能够在星期一以三天的缓慢增长出现在工作中,并通过告诉您的老板与您建立联系来摆脱它 Mike Napoli.

8.  The chance to use Dustin Pedroia 作为孩子的榜样—因为尽管在开幕日时拇指受到严重伤害,但他在世界大赛中的表现一视同仁。

7.  Two words: No Valentine.

6.  Four Words: No Chicken And Beer.

5.  The chance to get really 擅长拼写:Saltalamacchia。

4. The opportunity to replace smelly 2004 and 2007 commemorative hats with fresh 2013 hats.

3. 通过打个响亮的电话 Dave O'Brien and not another 'can you believe it?' from Joe Castiglione.

2. One Word: KojiMania.

And the number one reason to be thankful for the 2013 Red Sox:

1. A full year of displaying "you-know-what-eating" grins to your Yankee fan friends.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Evil Empire To Cano: "Take It Or Leave It, Pal"

(AP Photo)
In what amounts to an ultimatum, the New York Yankees are telling Robinson Cano that their 7-year, $160+ million offer has a limited shelf-life. Concerned that free agents are flying off the board while Jay Z dithers, The Bronx Embalmers want to add others—besides Brian McCann—to their free agent pile. Of course, Jay Z and Cano are still of the opinion that the second baseman will get a 10-year, $310 million deal. Unfortunately for them, that will not happen on this particular planet. All the talk that things will 'work out' between Cano and The Pinstriped Posers seems to be a bit premature. No matter how many free agents The Evil Ones add (they're 喜欢ly to ink Carlos Beltran soon), losing Cano would be a real body blow to their image and 他们再次变得相关的机会。

Mike Napoli On Boston: 'I Do Want To Play Here'

(Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
In an interview with's Rob Bradford, Mike Napoli once again made clear his desire to stay in Boston. Said Napoli: "I’我只是耐心,看看我的选择。我想在这里玩。您只需要完成整个过程,然后看看’s going to go on." What are the chances of him playing first base again for The Carmine Hose?: "I’ve got a great relationship with Ben [Cherington] and this whole organization. Hopefully it will come down to something where I come back here. But it’s part of the process. Some teams have needs. Of course I’m going to have my ears open. That’s part of free agency." 在世界大赛之后,那不勒斯对麻烦的臀部进行了额外的MRI检查,但结果没有变化—也许会有一些改善。

REPORT: Carlos Beltran Next Evil Empire Target

After signing Brian McCann to a five-year, $85 million contract, reports suggest that Carlos Beltran is the new priority of The Pinstriped Posers. Moreover, Beltran has sent back the love to The Bronx Embalmers—letting it be known that he wants to perform at 第161街的混凝土掩体。因此,唯一的绊脚石似乎是两年和三年合同之间的差额。让爱情继续!找个房间!

Sox Equipment Truck Will Roll In Just 74 Days!

In a little more than 74 days, the Red Sox equipment truck will slowly roll down Yawkey Way and head to jetBlue Park 在佛罗里达州的迈尔斯堡。 2月8日的旅程与往年有很大不同—as the glow from 世锦赛第八名 在我们的脑海中仍然是新鲜的。您可以在以下网站的主页上关注这一光荣日期的进度 Just look on the right-side navigation bar every morning for our "Truck Day Countdown" 时钟,让期望增长!


Mark Trumbo
根据多种来源—including the Globe's Nick Cafardo—the Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim; Orange County; California; United States of America; Earth; Milky Way Galaxy may be in line to make a trade. If Mike Napoli moves on, Boston might go after first-baseman (and future DH) Mark Trumbo. Now, Cafardo also throws out the name of "power reliever" Kevin Jepsen as a possible Red Sox target. The Angels—who have made horrible off-season moves so far—are still looking for starting pitching (of which Boston has a surplus). The 29-year old Jepsen was 1-3 with a 4.50 ERA in 2013. Trumbo—who will turn 28 in two months—hit just .234 last year, but clouted 34 HRs and knocked in 100 runs.


(AP Photo/David Karp, File)
Perhaps the most disgusting aspect of the slimy Alex Rodriguez arbitration hearings is the acclaim he's getting on the streets of New York City. According to The Fraudulent One, his time in Manhattan attending the hearings has be one big Centaur Love-Fest: "Today was nuts. The support has been overwhelming in the streets today. People were jumping out of their f---ing cars. I been coming to N.Y. for 20 years and, including 2009, I have never had a more positive reaction in the streets. I couldn't believe this s---." 我们也不能。顺便说一句 A-Fraud still 认为他将在211场暂停赛中滑冰。他总结了他急需的救护车追逐者的案子: “我们粉碎了它。他们[MLB]一无所有。” 随你。他那笨拙的家伙已经在谈论一项禁令,要求停止仲裁员提出的任何中止决定 Fredric Horowitz. What a great group of role models! Or, at least the citizens of New York think so.

约翰·亨利(John Henry)将转储伍斯特报纸

According to several reports, Red Sox principal owner John Henry is about to lower the boom on the largest newspaper in Central Massachusetts. The Worcester Telegram& Gazette was sort of the Nick Punto 亨利(Henry)7000万美元的收购交易中的一部分 The Boston Globe. Now, reportedly, Henry wants to sell the paper to a New York-based company that owns multiple second-rate regional newspapers. Of course, one could argue that the Globe is fast becoming a second-rate rag—or might actually already be there. Henry isn't exactly William Randolph Hearst yet—or even the fictitious Charles Foster Kane—but he sure looks 喜欢 he's enjoying playing with his toy box full of moribund newspapers.


(AP Photo/Colin E. Braley)
According to multiple reports, the Red Sox are not moving off their standing offer of a two-year deal to free-agent catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. With The Evil Ones signing Brian McCann to a five-year deal, Salty's value has risen sharply. Some reports have him signing a three-year pact with the Twinkies. However, Boston seems intent on using 2014 as a stop-gap season with David Ross and another backstop 喜欢 A.J. Pierzynski or Dioner Navarro。在未成年人中有几个才华横溢的年轻捕手—都离芬威不远—Red Sox可以和Salty一起骑兵

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sox Hero Bill Mueller Is New Cubs Hitting Coach

(Exclusive FenwayNation Photo)
If you can line a shot into centerfield against Mariano Rivera to score the biggest run in Red Sox history, you can probably handle coaching Cubbie hitters. Bill Mueller, who plated Dave Roberts 在2004年的ALCS第四场比赛中,—according to USAToday's Bob Nightengale—become the new hitting coach for Theo Epstien's Cubs。在授予Mueller我们的就职典礼上 'First Citizen' 在2005年的奖项中,我们说了以下几点: "Since becoming a Red Sox Player in 2003, Bill Mueller has demonstrated the 'Quiet Class' that all of us in the Nation instinctively want in players who wear Red Sox 'laundry'. He does his job day in and day out without fanfare. In the process, he has become one of the most reliable players in recent Sox history—and a clutch performer with few peers. The game-tying hit in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, the season-turning home run off Mariano Rivera in the 'Brawl Game' of 2004, and an amazing batting average with the bases loaded in 2005 (.526)." Congratulations, Bill!

Sox从酿酒商那里获得RHP Burke Badenhop

The Red Sox have made a trade! Hold your horses, it's not Matt Kemp 还没来但是,一个 Burke Badenhop (not to be confused with Boris Badenof) will be on the way to Fenway from the Brewers. Boston sent 20-year old LHP Luis Ortega to Milwaukee for the right-handed reliever. Historically, Badenhop has had great success against righties—holding them to a .229 average last year. It remains to be seen where or whether Badenhop fits into Boston's bullpen plans.


According to the Globe's Nick Cafardo, the Red Sox have made trade inquires with the Los Angeles Dodgers about Matt Kemp. The centerfielder is coming off two sub-par, injury-plagued years, but has been a powerhouse offensive force in the past. Obviously, Boston may need to replace Jacoby Ellsbury in the outfield and Kemp would certainly be an intriguing—if unexpected—option. Kemp has six years and $130 million left on his contract—but presumably, Magic Johnson would eat a big portion of that tab in any deal.

Big Papi Beard在eBay上的出价接近$ 5,000

When the Gillette 公司宣布将拍卖红袜队的胡须剪枝以作慈善之用,我们都知道这将是成功的。从今天下午开始 a clipping of World Series MVP David Ortiz的胡子在eBay上卖了将近5,000美元. Being sold as "2013 Championship Beard Balls", the items will surely help out the targeted charity—Movember. It's a global charity that "gets men to grow, and women to support, the moustache for the 30 days of November while raising funds and awareness for men's health to combat prostate and testicular cancer." When you shell out your five grand for a Big Papi hairball, you also receive “剃须刀中使用的实际Fusion ProGlide Styler和由Big Papi本人签名的真实性卡”。 What more could you ask for under the Christmas Tree?


(FenwayNation Photo)
Hall of Fame baseball writer Peter Gammons has apologized (via TWITTER) to Never-Get-In-The Hall-Of Famer Alex Rodriguez for comparing the actions of the Yankee third baseman to the "marathon bombers". The exact quote on Mike Lupica's radio show was, "...[A-Rod] wants to blow up the world. You know, he's 喜欢 the marathon bombers. It's just, he's going to get them." On TWITTER, Gammons stated, "Stupidly worded comp of blowing up a process. He is owed, and gets my apology for mispeaking [SIC]...Alex would never hurt a human. I hope I haven't hurt him."


There will be at least one Manny Ramirez 明年在北美打棒球。 Manny Ramirez, Jr. 昨天签约为第一垒打 University of San Francisco。 18岁从 Central Arizona College. He is 6'4" and 215 pounds and looks remarkably 喜欢 his Dad—who played part of last year in Taiwan. At IMG Academy, Ramirez, Jr. hit .331, with 11 doubles, 2 triples, 3 HRs and 36 RBIs. As a high school senior, he hit .361. Just another Manny being Manny.

约翰·亨利(John Henry)参加集体诉讼

(Getty Images)
Red Sox principal owner John Henry 已在“消费者”集体诉讼中被提名(以及其他许多人),该诉讼声称美国职业棒球大联盟和电视台提供商(例如亨利 NESN)违反了联邦谢尔曼反托拉斯法 by entering into anti-competitive deals that restrict the viewing of "home team" live games over the Internet and TV. The suit alleges that so-called "co-conspirators" (MLB and owners 喜欢 Henry) agreed to “将现场游戏视频演示市场划分为专有区域,这些区域受到反竞争停电的保护。” Henry's legal response has been to call the suit a "fishing expedition" and has filed motions to block his testimony and the turning over of years worth of financial records for the Red Sox and NESN. Some believe that the suit is—in fact—a 'Trojan Horse' to force a grander discussion of why baseball is the only sport with an anti-trust exemption. In any event, Henry is right at the center of the action. This should start to get interesting in December—when court proceedings resume.

工会主席迈克尔·韦纳(Michael Weiner)去世,享年51岁

Michael Weiner,谁接管了 美国职棒大联盟球员协会 就在四年前,昨天去世了 of complications associated with an inoperable brain tumor. He was 51 years of age. Weiner's laid-back style was a stark contrast to the more formal demeanor of his predecessor Donald Fehr. Weiner had many connections to New England—including attendance at both Williams College and Harvard Law School. He was on the union's legal staff during the 1994-5 strike and was instrumental in the 'Grand Bargain' 以下是他在15个月的病假期间的勇气: "I don't take any day for granted. I don't take the next morning for granted. What I look for each day is beauty, meaning and joy, and if I can find beauty, meaning and joy, that's a good day." 参加棒球的所有人都会想念他。

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sox Net $ 307,322.68季后赛冠军的股票

美国职业棒球大联盟周四宣布了2103季后赛冠军股票。世界大赛冠军波士顿红袜队被授予 58全股—每个价值$ 307,322.68. The National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals were awarded 56 full shares—each worth $228,300.17. The full pool of $62,683,966.80 was split among the 10 postseason teams. For comparative purposes, the New York Yankees were awarded 0 shares—each worth $000,000.00. Just sayin'.


Official World Series DVD Released November 26

Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release the Official 2013 World Series Film on DVD and Blu-ray on November 26th. The film provides comprehensive highlights, exclusive access and interviews, and breathtaking footage capturing the thrilling story of the Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series championship! The film is loaded with bonus material that includes clinching celebrations, the ‘This Beard Came Here to Party’ Music Video and much more! FenwayNation will be reviewing the film soon. We will also be holding special FN Trivia Contests over the next few weeks with the DVDs given away to readers as a special memento of the great 2013 season. Log on often to get your chance to win! You can get more information on the film HERE.


Talk about your short off-season! The Red Sox announced today that 春季主场比赛训练门票 jetBlue Park 在迈尔斯堡将于12月7日开始销售—just 16 days from now. Moreover, pitchers and catchers report on February 15th—a mere 86 days from today! The first actual live baseball action will take place on Thursday, February 27th against the Northeastern University Huskies at 1:05 PM. Shockingly, the first two games with MLB opponents will come against the Minnesota Twins. Go figure.

Impact Of Fielder Trade On Napoli And Ellsbury

(Getty Images)
The blockbuster trade that sent Prince Fielder to Texas and Ian Kinsler to Detroit is not just an isolated swap between extra-divisional rivals. The transaction is 喜欢ly to have an impact on the Red Sox in many different ways. First, the market for first baseman Mike Napoli has now shrunk—as Texas no longer needs to fill that spot. Since Detroit will 喜欢ly move Miguel Cabrera from third to first, Motown—on the surface at least—is also an unlikely landing spot for Napoli. But, the Tigers still need to add a bat to compensate for the loss of The Big Veggie, so keeping Carbrea and third and getting Napoli to play first might 是一个选择。尽管吃了Fielder的剩余薪水很多,德克萨斯州仍在寻找更多—and the addition of Jacoby Ellsbury could dramatically transform the top of their lineup. Another Red Sox target—Brian McCann—在大多数人看来,阿灵顿也很适合。因此,总的来说,一项大交易可能会对 The Carmine Hose.

RareInk添加了另一个Sox World Series打印

Recently, we told you about two great Red Sox-related art prints by RareInk. Now, that company is offering another great World Series print (see pic)—authorized by Major League Baseball. Famed rock poster artist Srojo has created a commemorative piece capturing each of the "Band Of Bearded Brothers" who brought home the franchise's 8th world championship. This classic art piece is available in limited edition fine art prints, stretched canvases and on metal. Scrojo is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer from San Diego. With over 1,500 unique concert posters under his belt, Scrojo's name has become synonymous with San Diego's live music scene. His major corporate clients include Nike, Walt Disney and MTV. You can order it HERE.

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获取全新的2014 FenwayNation日历!

It's just out and just in time for Holiday giving! The new 2014 FenwayNation Calendar. It's chock-full of brand new, exclusive 的照片(每月一张) 2013 Championship Season. 您无法在其他任何地方获得这些照片! 您将获得DuckBoat Rally的照片,游戏动作,芬威球场的隐藏地点,甚至近距离拍摄和观看个人照片 The Laser Show! Relive all the glory of Ring # 8 during every month of 2014. Order your copy today HERE.


As expected, the Red Sox added Bryce Brentz, Anthony Ranaudo and Garin Cecchini to the 40-man roster today—purchasing their contracts. Today was the MLB-mandated deadline to finalize rosters for 2014. Players left off the roster—and who are eligible—can be subject to December's Rule 5 Draft 并且可以被其他团队抢夺。


The Red Sox are bringing the new World Series trophy to Rhode Island today。普罗维登斯市将于下午3:30举行红袜拉力赛,奖杯将在下午4点至7点向球迷展示。 Rhode Island Convention Center. The event is free and open to the public. Reportedly, Wally The Green Monster will be there to greet kids—although it's not clear if any players will be present. Ogle away, fans!


(Photo: Umar Abbasi)
This guy really takes the cake. Alex Rodriguez "stormed" out of his juicer grievance hearing in New York today,对什么充满假冒的愤怒—在我们拙见中—他的经理计划的特技表演。仲裁员拒绝后 Bud Selig to directly appear at the hearing, A-Fraud slammed his hand on the table, pointed at MLB COO Rob Manfred and said, "This is f------ bull----!" and stormed out of the room. "This is ridiculous", cried The Fraudulent One in a more tempered, G-rated tirade. Conveniently, a written statement was available immediately after The Centaur 离开了建筑物。这是文本: "I am disgusted with this abusive process, designed to ensure that the player fails. I have sat through 10 days of testimony by felons and liars, sitting quietly through every minute, trying to respect the league and the process. This morning, after Bud Selig refused to come in and testify about his rationale for the unprecedented and totally baseless punishment he hit me with, the arbitrator selected by MLB and the players' association refused to order Selig to come in and face me. The absurdity and injustice just became too much. I walked out and will not participate any further in this farce." Oh, the humanity!


FenwayNation was privileged to preview two fantastic fine art prints that celebrate the 2013年世界冠军波士顿红袜. Provided to us by RareInk, the first print (pictured) is by renowned artist AJ Dimarucot. It captures the Boston Red Sox World Series title with a vibrantly-styled collage, featuring images of Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, Mike Napoli, Jacoby Ellsbury, Shane Victorino, David Ross, John Lackey, Jon Lester, Johnny Gomes, and Koji Uehara. The second print is a stylized depiction of The Laser Show in mid-swing (by artist Denis Gonchar)—with all the panache of The Muddy Chicken. We can personally attest to the quality and desirability of these limited edition prints. You can purchase both of these pieces of hardball fine art (as well as several other Red Sox-related prints) HERE.


(Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)
According to's Buster Olney, Brian McCann will soon visit and speak with teams that have expressed an interest in the free agent backstop—包括 Red Sox. Boston, Texas and The Evil Ones are on McCann's itinerary. The Red Sox are exploring a number of catcher options—but McCann would be the most significant (and costly) of all the alternatives. Reportedly, at least three other unidentified teams have shown interest in the Atlanta catcher.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sox已经与Corey Hart“签到”了1B

(Mark Hoffman)
Corey Hart stated on MLB Network Radio that the Red Sox are among the teams who have "checked in" with his agent. The other teams mentioned by Hart were the Colorado Rockies, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Milwaukee Brewers. Hart would be an interesting choice for Boston—and 喜欢ly considerably cheaper than signing Mike Napoli to a multi-year pact. The 31-year old Hart clouted 30 HRs for the Brew Crew in 2012 while hitting .270 in 149 games. He's a lifetime .276 hitter with a career OPS of .824. He had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee last January.

报告:红袜队仍在卡洛斯·贝尔特兰·亨特(Carlos Beltran Hunt)中

According to the Globe's Nick Cafardo the Red Sox are still pursuing 36-year old Carlos Beltran—and are going toe-to-toe with The Evil Ones and the Orioles. According to Cafardo, the first team to offer Beltran a 3-year deal will 喜欢ly land the right-fielder (who would 喜欢ly play left field for the Red Sox). I don't know about you, but I don't want an almost 40-year old Beltran limping around Fenway in 2016.

帝国普雷斯致Cano和Jay Z:“变得真实!”

这将非常有趣。 The Bronx Zoo is back—in full-fledged lunacy! Yankee President Randy Levine 叫出他的自由球员二垒手 Robinson Cano (通过扩展,他的丑角“特工” Jay Z) with the following: "We want Robbie back; we think Robbie is terrific. But we have no interest in doing any 10-year deals and no interest in paying $300 million to any player. Until he gets a little more realistic, we have nothing to talk about.'' Wow! Tell us what you really think, Randy baby! Cano and his 'joke agent' recently had "dinner" with Mets honchos—but apparently it didn't have too much of an impact on Levine. Cano plans to carry out his little charade through January if necessary. Ah, the schadenfreude!


With all the frenzy surrounding the Red Sox run to World Championship # 8 (which should be World Championship # 9—see HERE), it's easy to forget that the 2014 schedule was finalized way back on September 10th. Interestingly, next August, there will be a re-match of the 109th World Series—at least the part that took place in St. Louis. Boston will play the Cards on August 5th, 6th and 7th at Busch Stadium. Other Interleague foes will include the Pirates (September 16, 17 and 18 at PNC), the Reds (August 12 and 13 in The Queen City), the Cubbies at Fenway (June 30, July 1 and 2), a weird "home and home" against the Braves in May (26 and 27 at the decrepit Turner Field; 28 and 29 at the decrepit Fenway Park), Cincinnati again at Fenway (May 6 and 7), and the Brew Crew at Fenway in April (4,5,6). 您可以查看完整的2014年红袜赛程 HERE.

克里斯·杨(Chris Young)对袜子的迷恋是什么?

(Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP)
在以7000万美元收购 Stephen Drew's big bother, the great Bob Ryan famously asked then-GM Theo Epstein: “如果真的如此,人们的着迷是什么? J.D. Drew?" 我们必须解释伟大的瑞安,并问, “如果真的如此,人们的着迷是什么? Chris Young?" According to's Jerry Crasnick, the Red Sox are looking at the former Oakland A's outfielder as a possible replacement should Jacoby Ellsbury leave. Chris Young? This is a guy who has never really sustained his vaunted "upside" (he finished fourth in Rookie of The Year voting in 2008). For example, last year he hit an abysmal .200 in 107 games. While it's true that Young used 具有巨大的额外基础能力(2008年为71—包括32个人力资源),在过去两年中,他总共拥有26个人力资源。他的 career batting average is .235 with a measly .315 OBP. And he strikes out a lot. Defensively, Young has good speed and can go get the ball with the best of them—but his arm is just 'OK'. Since his full range of offensive and defensive liabilities are 喜欢ly to worsen in his 30s, we say, all in all, "No".

Sox看着麦田守望者》和《 Hanigan》

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Multiple sources are suggesting that—in the wake of the Carlos Ruiz re-signing by the Phillies—the Red Sox have turned their interest to Dioner Navarro as a possible replacement for Jarrod Saltalamacchia。纳瓦罗—谁将于明年2月9日满30岁—2013年与Cubbbies在一起度过了愉快的一年。尽管他只参加了89场比赛, did hit .300 with 13 HRs and a .365 OBP. Navarro caught 26% of runners trying to steal—a tad below the league average of 28%. Reportedly, the Red Sox are also interested in trading for Andover High School grad and current Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan。这些可能是很好的权宜之计—考虑到波士顿在潜在客户管道中有大量的支持(Dan Butler, Christian Vasquez, Blake Swihart).

Monday, November 18, 2013


Alfredo&The Editor-In-Chief (FenwayNation Photo)
A tweet that might have gone under the radar over the last few days was Nick Cafardo's news that AlfredoAceves 可能前往纽约大都会. How fitting would it be for the soon-to-be 31-year old to begin and 在哥谭市结束他的职业生涯?对于他带给波士顿的所有戏剧,阿维斯在三个赛季中的表现都超过了16-13 Carmine Hose—拥有3.94 ERA。在为Red Sox投球的235局比赛中,他只放弃了206次点击。您一定希望他穿着大都会制服再次开花。


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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington appeared on MLB Network Radio's Power Alley show (on SiriusXM),并明确表示该团队将 "love" to have Jacoby Ellsbury 早在2014年。切灵顿说波士顿将 "keep the door open" on negotiations with the free-agent centerfielder—although he also said the teams needs to "look at alternatives". BenCher went on, "He has a skill set that is not easy to replicate—with both speed and power.“他继续说,埃尔斯伯里有 “获得自由代理权”. Stay tuned, sports fans. You can hear the interview HERE.


Presumably, Carlos Ruiz (he of the 25-game PED suspension) was a catching target of the Red Sox in case Jarrod Saltalamacchia walked out that free agency door. Well, you can scratch Ruiz off your list, as the Phillies have re-signed him to a three-year, $26 million contract. This has got to be great news for Salty, who will 喜欢ly fetch more years and more cash than the 34-year old Ruiz.


It's hard to believe that just three seasons ago, Daniel Bard posted a 1.93 ERA setting up out of the Red Sox bullpen. The now 28-year old righty was converted to a starter and thus began the long, slow descent into hardball hell. When Boston finally released him, he was picked up by Theo Epstein and the Cubbies. Now, word is that Bard is still struggling in his comeback attempt in the Puerto Rican Winter League. On Saturday, Bard gave up three earned runs and walked five in one inning—and threw multiple wild pitches. So far, he has retired a grand total of one of the thirteen batters he's faced for his new team, Criollos de Caguas. How sad.


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UPDATE: A-Flu back at hearings
Apparently, PEDs don't work on flu-like symptoms. Alex Rodriguez (AKA: A-Flu) did not appear at his investigatory hearing on Friday due to 'flu-like symptoms' and may not testify at all before arbitrator Fredric Horowitz. And yet, one of his flunkies was quoted thusly, “这个家伙真的很想作证。他很想讲故事的一面。但是现在他的头都被堵住了。” Frankly, we think he's been "all clogged up" since he left Seattle. If The Fraudulent One's 211-game suspension is upheld, it will allow The Evil Ones 用什么去追求自由球员 would have been his salary. It's tough to know who to root for on this one.